Baby safe cream



Baby Safe cream- for sensitive skin

If your little one isn’t already experiencing dry, chapped cheeks and chin, they likely will as soon as teething kicks into high gear or the cold weather comes in.

That’s where a face lotion like this one can come in handy — it’s formulated for your baby’s sensitive face, and may help nourish and repair cracked skin and irritation.

Great for Ezcema-prone skin

  • Aloe vera, Calendula

This cream is formulated without common allergens and irritants, like fragrances or harsh chemicals. It’s also entirely plant-based — which may contribute to its relatively high price.

What this cream does contain is glycerin, a naturally-derived substance that often helps relieve dry, itchy skin. Glycerin is also known for helping to heal scratches and scrapes.

Allantoin is another key ingredient that should help smooth skin and keep it moisturized, Smells like fresh cookies, Can be used by adults

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