Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Mueni, I know you will be too impatient to read every word of this little “letter” I have written to you. You are just like a butterfly, always in a hurry. #Calm #down. Don’t hurry. You won’t be late anywhere, you won’t miss anything, trust me. You do not see the world as it […]

Social Media “High”

We all know this feeling I am about to share about. We post something on Facebook, say our latest huge experiment, or a scathing takedown of a celebrity making a fool of himself or herself . Or, we let fly a clever tweet paired with a clever hashtag we’re certain is going to go viral. […]

Beloved you are beautiful

Through the 21st Century girls have a strong and positive identity compared to before, older women However struggle with low self-esteem. They say women pick up the slightest slur and never hear the good stuff! Criticisms are stored forever while complements evaporate instantly. Plenty of women identify with self-doubt that greatly derails us. Why is […]