Beloved you are beautiful

Through the 21st Century girls have a strong and positive identity compared to before, older women However struggle with low self-esteem. They say women pick up the slightest slur and never hear the good stuff! Criticisms are stored forever while complements evaporate instantly. Plenty of women identify with self-doubt that greatly derails us.

Why is that some people for instance the “Donald Trump’s of this world”, seem to believe only the best of themselves while others especially the female gender my age group(20’s)  on the most self-critical thoughts we can perceive? We are most sensitive to emotional nuance such as disapproval or rejection as Oprah Winfrey would quote it.

MUVA advocates helping young women and girls stay in school and achieve their best in a conducive and stable environment. We believe everyone especially women deserve self-confidence and can benefit from developing an awareness of what it takes to find inner strength. So our advice to women having a rough time in their studies, career building, marriage life, parenting among other situations is to:

  1. Know themselves.
  2. Care for themselves
  3. Respect themselves
  4. Accept themselves and above all….
  5. Love themselves

We admire women who can wear a red lip during the day and appear entirely unperturbed (look at News Anchors, Corporate bosses, celebrities to mention a few) they seem so vibrant so chic and so daring. Who are these bold creatures and why can’t you be one of them?
So why not commit to a MUVA weeklong challenge in an effort to overcome these inhibitions every day? Get yourself a trademark lipstick that registers as yours. MUVA lipsticks offer you a variety of shades that speak to who you are. MUVA has a beauty team for lipstick guidance and will give an immediate recommendation. Join the movement!

Lipstick is a major part of everyone’s beauty routine. It is one of the few products that add charm to the face. With so many lip brands in the market, finding the perfect shade and formula is always, always worth the leg work. MUVA is committed to providing high quality, long wearing, and beautifully pigmented lipstick for all walks of women from the various diverse backgrounds. We are in love with these lipsticks and you will never be baffled with MUVA. Moreover with regard to magnificence, MUVA is on a journey to becoming a worldwide pioneer brand. The Kenyan brand offers ladies quality beauty care products at reasonable cost.

Get your MUVA lipstick today and keep MOVING……

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